Clear Aerated concrete equipment production line process to help equipment use

02 Aug 2018 03:26

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Make clear the process flow of aerated concrete equipment production line, need comprehensive consideration.

First, aerated concrete block making machine raw materials, storage and feeding.

The raw materials are transported into the plant by automobiles or pipelines, and the raw materials are concentrated and shipped into the hopper when used.

Bagged cement, or bulk cement, is stored in the cement storehouse.

The use of fashion into the hopper, chemicals, aluminum powder, respectively, placed in the chemical library, aluminum powder library, the use of separate shipments to the production workshop.

Aerated concrete raw material treatment, after the electromagnetic vibration feeder, belt conveyor into the ball mill, fine after the fly ash, with pulverized coal pump separately to the slurry tank storage.

Lime through the electromagnetic vibration feeder, it will enter into the broken link.

After the broken lime, after the bucket elevator, into the lime storage silo, after the spiral infusion, into the storage tank storage.
color-paving-making-machine-for-sale1.jpg Aluminum powder is from the aluminum powder library, sent to the production workshop.

At this time in operation, should add water, stir into aluminum powder suspension.

Lime, cement from the powder ingredients warehouse, screw conveyor, sent to automatic metering, cumulative metering.

However, in the display, the corresponding items should be very uniform.

In particular, fly ash and waste slurry into the cylinder metering, after a variety of material metering, mold in place, you can feed slurry mixing.

To define the process flow of aerated concrete equipment production line, we need to understand the initial feeding and cutting of aerated concrete.

After pouring mold, use the conveyor chain, push into the initial nursery, carry on forming initial coagulation.
The corresponding temperature is controlled at 50-70 degrees Celsius.
And in the early days, time is controlled in two hours.
This process may be dispensed with in accordance with geographical conditions.
After the first raise, use a negative pressure hanger, the mold frame hanging to a predetermined stage of the cutting table.
Cutting machine needs to die, transverse, slitting, horizontal frame transfer back to the model car, manual cleaning and oil removal.
However, in the placement of the time, need to grasp the specific strength.
Should be handled lightly, to prevent the occurrence of damage.
In the process of aerated concrete equipment production line, we need to know the specific finished product.
Should first use the Roll-field machine, pull out the ax inside the finished product, then ready to steam the car, the corresponding maintenance.
After the related cleanup is complete, a circular operation is required.
With the increase in demand, the scope of use is more and more extensive.

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