Techniques for installation and commissioning of rotary kiln please look here.

02 Aug 2018 03:38

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As a major equipment of stone production line, the installation and commissioning work of rotary kiln can not be neglected.
Only the correct installation of cakes to debug a good rotary kiln, to ensure the smooth operation of equipment.Lontto block making machine I in order to reduce the production line operation error, it is necessary to stress with you the installation of rotary kiln and debugging knowledge, I hope to help you.

We do not underestimate the installation of this equipment, debugging links, which is also a learning, I asked the Lontto machine equipment engineers to explain:The first is the understanding of the drawings, we are very clear, rotary kiln is a large-scale production equipment, if you do not see the drawings in advance to install, will certainly encounter problems.

Only through the drawings of the equipment in all aspects of the configuration to understand, in order to install good equipment.

Refractory-Fig.2-watermark.jpg Of course, the equipment around the environment, geographical conditions, characteristics, but also to do some understanding, after all, work space, power supply location needs to be felt clearly.

Second, the installation of engineering and transport equipment quality problems.

As we all know, the quality of the project will be directly related to the cost of installation costs, so we have to choose the right tool to operate.

For example, the choice of cranes is particularly important, preferably can carry large tonnage section of the crane.

Then is the strict requirements of the operator.

Many rotary kiln installation time is not long, the need for other equipment to control good, so increased high-altitude.

and the unsafe factors of aerial work are very many, easy to cause accidents, the training of operators should pay special attention to cultivate their safety awareness, improve the level of operation.

Finally, the lifting of rotary kiln transport and installation.

installation process, including fitter process and masonry process, a lot of understanding of this knowledge, can effectively reduce safety failure.

In a word, understanding and figuring out the installation of rotary kiln, debugging skills, more conducive to the operation of stone production lines, improve production efficiency.

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