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Choose the color paving brick machine equipment need to consider which items and factors - 26 Nov 2018 09:46


Color paving brick machine is a kind of important building material production equipment, in many cases can be roughly seen this equipment, for users to choose the right color paving brick machine equipment providers appear to be very important, then in the selection of color paving brick machine in the process to consider what the details? Below Lontto Machine will give you a simple analysis of this need to pay attention to the factors.Color paving brick machinery and equipment performance There is no doubt that in the process of the purchase of color paving brick machine equipment performance demand is high, then in the purchase of color paving brick machinery and equipment in the process of the need to consider the performance of the factors involved? The first is the material of the equipment, which is also the basis of equipment technology, In particular, the connection between parts and components is more so, at the same time in the process of convergence we can roughly decide whether to buy equipment.Secondly, the operating performance of the equipment, color paving Interlocking Brick Machine machinery and equipment operating performance generally in the purchase is the time to see if there is a corresponding concise design, at the same time a variety of functions are not sound, these are affecting the equipment operating performance of the key factors.The performance of the technical indicators are also in the purchase of equipment in the process will not be overlooked, in the purchase time should be aware of these matters.Color paving brick machinery and equipment price color paving brick machinery and equipment prices are also in the purchase of equipment in the process can not be overlooked factors, equipment prices and what factors? As a user of the equipment, in order to occupy the advantage of price, it is necessary to have a general understanding of equipment performance and market, etc. At the same time choose the right way to buy, the color paving brick machine equipment performance and various components to do a rough comb.The way of purchase for the user to choose the right color paving brick machinery and equipment businesses appear to be very important, in the choice of provider to consider what matters? The main business market reputation and market size, at the same time the service attitude is also can not be ignored, the purchase of the way in the merchant's choice appears very important. qt3-20-color-paving-block-making-machine.jpg All in all, there are a lot of factors to consider in buying a color paving brick machine. Including equipment prices, performance, channels and so on, Lontto machine is a professional color paving brick machinery and equipment providers, has the choice in place to attitude, is the ideal choice for many users, welcome interested customers to choose us, Believe that our service will not let you down. - Comments: 0

The equipment and production process involved in the dry-process cement production line - 08 Aug 2018 08:35


Lontto machine Mechanical New dry cement production line, different from the previous production lines, the production efficiency of this piece has been improved a lot.

In order to facilitate the understanding of Lontto machine Equipment production, a brief introduction of new dry-process cement production first involved in equipment and production processes.

Currently, the equipment involved in the new dry-process cement production of Lontto machine is:Raw fuel powder equipment, raw fuel crushing equipment, cement powder equipment, cement rotary kiln and so on.
As for the production process, the same, is familiar with the crushing and pre-homogenization → raw material preparation homogenization → preheating pre-decomposition → cement clinker sintering → cement powder packaging.
Specifically, first through the crusher, raw materials grinding, cement grinding, cement rotary, Cyclone preheater and other equipment operation, take the cement rotary kiln, it is the whole dry-process cement production line used to be calcined cement clinker main equipment.
What does this device consist of? Lontto clay brick making machine I can briefly mention:The cylinder, the supporting device, the transmission device, the combustion device, the movable kiln first class components constitute the cement rotary kiln, do not think that the equipment structure has how complex, the operation is more reliable, the production process is also easier to control, is an indispensable equipment.

As for the new dry-process cement production line of the entire operation, can be simply divided into raw paper cups raw material preparation, clinker calcination and cement mill made these three processes.
"New" two characters are mainly embodied in the production line is not like the previous production line, with high efficiency, energy saving, high quality and other advantages, so that the rational use of resources to follow the sustainable development of the social environment requirements.
At present, the new dry cement line has been widely used in China, its high automation, rapid production capacity and low energy consumption, non-polluting and other advantages, by a number of mechanical equipment manufacturers welcome.
Please rest assured that Lontto machine machinery engaged in cement equipment research and development for many years, production, design experience is more abundant, our research and development, production equipment has been used in China a number of new cement dry production line, welcomed the interest of friends to visit the company, visit. - Comments: 0

Brick machine which is good for users how to choose their own equipment - 06 Aug 2018 08:33


The traditional production of bricks through the labor force to complete, but now is 21st century, a variety of high-tech equipment is constantly appearing, these devices to help everyone easy to complete the task, for example, we want to say to everyone today is the brick making machine.

This is a very common equipment, there are many places in use, especially the production of bricks manufacturers.

But which home is the brick making machine? This problem is a lot of customers need to understand, only fully understand, can be more assured that the choice of equipment.

Which is the best brick making machine? Indeed there are many manufacturers in the sale of brick machine, resulting in many customers do not know which manufacturers to choose.

First in the choice of time, the need to choose a formal reliable manufacturers, the formal manufacturers in the record will have a full range of qualification, customers can see the manufacturer's qualifications to understand more information, to determine whether the manufacturer is formal.

The general large manufacturers will be the proof of these qualifications clearly hung in the obvious place, mainly to allow customers to see.Secondly, it is recommended that customers choose large-scale manufacturers.

The greater the size of the manufacturers to reassure customers, because the large-scale manufacturers after all have a certain economic strength and production capacity, even if the customers need a large number of equipment at once, do not worry about manufacturers in the stipulated time can not be produced.

This is worth a lot of customers trust, and large-scale manufacturers have a lot of new and old customers, the annual sales of brick machine equipment are many.

Then again, the same type of device is configured, different manufacturers will have different prices, customers in the selection of equipment should not blindly only to understand the price, more importantly, must look at the cost of equipment, some manufacturers will be the price set higher, but also some manufacturers will be the price set relatively low, This and the manufacturer's production costs also have a certain relationship.

and customers in the choice of time, as long as the good for their own can be.
color-paver-block-machine.jpg In addition, understand the service attitude of manufacturers.

High-quality service attitude will always make customers feel comfortable, after all, the first time to buy equipment must have a lot of places, customers need to consult staff.

Brick machine which is good? Through understanding, I believe that we have a certain understanding, I hope that each customer can choose to suit their own equipment. - Comments: 0

Road along the stone brick machine in each part of which design highlights - 04 Aug 2018 03:57


With the development of infrastructure, more and more attention is paid to the raw materials of production infrastructure, for example, bricks are a simple example, whether in architecture or on the road, in the whole process all need a lot of brick material as the support of construction.Road along the stone brick machine is such a device, this article and everyone to share the road along the stone brick machine in various parts of the design highlights.The first is the overall material, road along the stone brick machine exterior materials in the environmental adaptability and processing intensity of the demand, so the appearance of the equipment is mainly metal, especially to steel, not only the material on the protection of the equipment after the use, while the design of the equipment in the appearance of the painting design. kerbstone-making-machine.jpg The use of paint as a protective layer to isolate air and metal contact with each other, which helps to improve the equipment's environmental adaptability, improve the rust resistance of equipment and anti-corrosion performance.The General road along the stone brick machine components are mainly composed of three major parts, including equipment and materials supply equipment and processing parts, output parts.Usually in the process of using the brick machine in the material supply part of the work, the usual practice is in the supply part of the equipment to thicken the components, the use of materials and special geometry to design and supply equipment.Next is the equipment processing part, along with the computer technology application unceasing mature, more and more processing equipment starts to choose the suitable computer control technology to help the equipment to carry on the production as well as the control, this is commonly said PLC control way.Road along the stone brick machine design and use is no exception, the use of the latest PLC control methods as a basis, so as to help the equipment in the use of the process of more efficient and rapid.Finally, the output of the equipment, the road along the stone brick machine also used in the current use of more transmission methods used to evenly transfer the processing of good bricks.Road along stone brick machine What are the various parts of the design highlights? In brief, with a variety of advanced intelligent equipment and the continuous use of design ideas, the road along the stone brick machine's use of performance more and more to meet the needs of users, Lontto Machine is a professional road along the stone brick block making machine for Sale machine provider, Have the market experience and performance in place, is your ideal choice. - Comments: 0

To pay attention to the production of brick machine maintenance matters knowledge - 03 Aug 2018 03:48


brick block making machine machine is mainly the use of stone powder fly ash slag sand water and other raw materials, and then add cement through the hydraulic power to produce brick mechanical machinery, can give the construction industry to provide a large number of brick material. brick-making-machine-price.jpg Help the construction industry achieve more rapid development goals.Because the brick machine is a kind of machine equipment, only make the maintenance work of the brick machine do well, can let the brick machine's service life to reach the longest, thus to create higher economic benefits for the enterprise.What are the main aspects of the maintenance of the brick machine? The following is a specific analysis of this situation, hoping to bring effective advice to everyone.Because most of the brick making machine is in the harsh environment of the operation, so the speed of loss will be relatively fast.If you do not pay attention to the careful maintenance of brick making machine, it is easy to appear due to the reduction of the reliability of the brick machine, which causes the occurrence of machine accidents, will bring us a great loss.Therefore, we need to attach importance to the technical maintenance of the brick making machine, we must not treat it carelessly and need to implement it in every stage.First of all, we must regularly carry out the specific maintenance of brick machine, the need for regular inspection and testing equipment to ensure that the brick machine in the best running state.Second in the daily life, we need to make the brick machine clean fastening lubrication and adjustment of the specific maintenance work, to these maintenance tasks are completed well, can not ignore any of the details of a problem, to be perfect and meticulous.Third, if the brick machine appears to be operating unstable situation, do not force the operation, should be to solve the problem and then use the fault.Otherwise it is easy to cause further damage to the mechanical equipment, which will bring us more damage.So we should take a warning.Finally, the specific maintenance of the brick machine is a long-term thing, the need to carry out, must not be halfway, only three minutes of heat.At present, the brick making machine has a very wide use, is a professional manufacture and production of brick machinery and equipment, has been the general attention of people.In use, only to ensure that the brick machine to get the best maintenance, can prolong the service life of the brick machine, to reduce a lot of trouble.It can be seen that the concrete maintenance work of brick making machine is a long-term strategic matter, which has extremely important significance. - Comments: 0

How to improve the reputation of the counter crusher manufacturers - 02 Aug 2018 03:43


All kinds of manufacturers are now in the fierce competition, if not to allow themselves to advance a step, then there will be a backward suspicion.

For the impact crusher manufacturers, the situation is also not optimistic.

Because with the increasing demand of the people, the quantity of the manufacturer is increasing, if we can't take some effective means, we will reduce our competitiveness and will not become the first choice of our customers.

Today to tell you about the impact of crusher manufacturers should be how to improve their visibility, which is also very important point.

Once the popularity of the high, then equipment sales will increase, will bring huge profits to manufacturers.

What about the method? Here are some of the things we can discuss together.1th, the impact crusher manufacturers must use the quality to speak.

No matter under what circumstances, manufacturers should always consider the quality of their products first, whether the relevant provisions and whether the corresponding advantages.

Only by doing this, we will get consumer recognition.
Because only the quality of the products can give consumers real help, so that they worry less and get the maximum utility.

And for those who do not pass the quality of products, people will not make a second choice.

So if you lose the first chance, then the manufacturer will not have a huge development prospects.

Please all manufacturers must remember to use the quality of products to speak, with the quality of products to improve their visibility.

2nd, the Impact crusher manufacturers can do the right amount of promotion to enhance their visibility.

Own official website is must have, because today's people understand the information most is through the network way.

If the relevant manufacturers are found on the web, they may be contacted directly to facilitate block making machine cooperation.

Of course, in addition to the site, manufacturers can also be in the corresponding layout advertising to promote, the network is still a focus.

When people find relevant information on the Internet, they are also concerned about it.

The person in need is likely to remember the name of the manufacturer to conduct business negotiations.

Regarding these two points mentioned above, does each retort crusher manufacturer feel that there is a certain reason? Be sure to try it out. - Comments: 0

Techniques for installation and commissioning of rotary kiln please look here. - 02 Aug 2018 03:38


As a major equipment of stone production line, the installation and commissioning work of rotary kiln can not be neglected.
Only the correct installation of cakes to debug a good rotary kiln, to ensure the smooth operation of equipment.Lontto block making machine I in order to reduce the production line operation error, it is necessary to stress with you the installation of rotary kiln and debugging knowledge, I hope to help you.

We do not underestimate the installation of this equipment, debugging links, which is also a learning, I asked the Lontto machine equipment engineers to explain:The first is the understanding of the drawings, we are very clear, rotary kiln is a large-scale production equipment, if you do not see the drawings in advance to install, will certainly encounter problems.

Only through the drawings of the equipment in all aspects of the configuration to understand, in order to install good equipment.

Refractory-Fig.2-watermark.jpg Of course, the equipment around the environment, geographical conditions, characteristics, but also to do some understanding, after all, work space, power supply location needs to be felt clearly.

Second, the installation of engineering and transport equipment quality problems.

As we all know, the quality of the project will be directly related to the cost of installation costs, so we have to choose the right tool to operate.

For example, the choice of cranes is particularly important, preferably can carry large tonnage section of the crane.

Then is the strict requirements of the operator.

Many rotary kiln installation time is not long, the need for other equipment to control good, so increased high-altitude.

and the unsafe factors of aerial work are very many, easy to cause accidents, the training of operators should pay special attention to cultivate their safety awareness, improve the level of operation.

Finally, the lifting of rotary kiln transport and installation.

installation process, including fitter process and masonry process, a lot of understanding of this knowledge, can effectively reduce safety failure.

In a word, understanding and figuring out the installation of rotary kiln, debugging skills, more conducive to the operation of stone production lines, improve production efficiency.

To learn more about this, you can pay close attention to this site. - Comments: 0

Clear Aerated concrete equipment production line process to help equipment use - 02 Aug 2018 03:26


Make clear the process flow of aerated concrete equipment production line, need comprehensive consideration.

First, aerated concrete block making machine raw materials, storage and feeding.

The raw materials are transported into the plant by automobiles or pipelines, and the raw materials are concentrated and shipped into the hopper when used.

Bagged cement, or bulk cement, is stored in the cement storehouse.

The use of fashion into the hopper, chemicals, aluminum powder, respectively, placed in the chemical library, aluminum powder library, the use of separate shipments to the production workshop.

Aerated concrete raw material treatment, after the electromagnetic vibration feeder, belt conveyor into the ball mill, fine after the fly ash, with pulverized coal pump separately to the slurry tank storage.

Lime through the electromagnetic vibration feeder, it will enter into the broken link.

After the broken lime, after the bucket elevator, into the lime storage silo, after the spiral infusion, into the storage tank storage.
color-paving-making-machine-for-sale1.jpg Aluminum powder is from the aluminum powder library, sent to the production workshop.

At this time in operation, should add water, stir into aluminum powder suspension.

Lime, cement from the powder ingredients warehouse, screw conveyor, sent to automatic metering, cumulative metering.

However, in the display, the corresponding items should be very uniform.

In particular, fly ash and waste slurry into the cylinder metering, after a variety of material metering, mold in place, you can feed slurry mixing.

To define the process flow of aerated concrete equipment production line, we need to understand the initial feeding and cutting of aerated concrete.

After pouring mold, use the conveyor chain, push into the initial nursery, carry on forming initial coagulation.
The corresponding temperature is controlled at 50-70 degrees Celsius.
And in the early days, time is controlled in two hours.
This process may be dispensed with in accordance with geographical conditions.
After the first raise, use a negative pressure hanger, the mold frame hanging to a predetermined stage of the cutting table.
Cutting machine needs to die, transverse, slitting, horizontal frame transfer back to the model car, manual cleaning and oil removal.
However, in the placement of the time, need to grasp the specific strength.
Should be handled lightly, to prevent the occurrence of damage.
In the process of aerated concrete equipment production line, we need to know the specific finished product.
Should first use the Roll-field machine, pull out the ax inside the finished product, then ready to steam the car, the corresponding maintenance.
After the related cleanup is complete, a circular operation is required.
With the increase in demand, the scope of use is more and more extensive. - Comments: 0

What are the factors that affect the price of brick making machines in the market now? - 27 Jul 2018 15:26


Now with the renovation project, the increase in construction, so that the brick machine has become a number of businesses need one of the equipment, it can bring us more high-quality raw materials, and effectively improve the construction efficiency of the whole project.

But as the market now launched the brand of brick equipment more and more, so that we found that the price of brick block making machine machine is also a big difference, below we will come together to understand what factors can affect the market price of such equipment.

The factors affecting the price of brick making machine first, now this type of equipment manufacturers have a lot of well-known brands introduced equipment may be higher prices, but whether in terms of performance or quality will be reliable protection.

In addition, also in the later use of the process to provide customers with a sound maintenance, use of guidance.

Second, even if the same manufacturer or enterprise launched the brick machine may also be due to the different models, specifications are not the same, which directly affect the price of brick making machine.Now the same manufacturer may launch a number of series of brick making machine, so that all areas of the merchant can be arbitrary choice, different models in the price also exist high and low differences.

Third, the use of equipment performance is a direct impact on the price of brick making machine is the main factor, because now each area of business, for the brick machine specifications and performance has a different demand, we suggest that we first understand their actual work needs, and then according to their own production, the desired mode of operation, etc., to select the appropriate device for their own.

Four, the most important thing is that each enterprise in the production of this type of equipment used in the raw materials may be different, thus, the existence of cost differences led to the price level of the situation, suggest that we must know a lot about the production of the choice of raw materials, components and so on.

The production process technology may also affect the price of brick making machine, because different production processes, may bring the equipment performance, quality are different.

Recommended that you choose professional manufacturers to launch the production of Brick machine is also because of its performance, quality can be more reliable protection.

Now on the market some small workshop launched brick machine prices, although cheap, but the user in the purchase, the use of the process will frequently produce trouble, later maintenance costs continue at the same time, more delays in the construction of the entire project progress.
color-paver-block-machine.jpg So here to remind friends, buy brick machine must choose Word-of-mouth, reputation are good manufacturers, with a reasonable price to buy such devices. - Comments: 0

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